In-Store Collection Points

Since approximately 3 billion coffee cups are used by Australians each year, a massive resource is wasted due to the fact they 99% of them are ending up in Australian landfills.  

Compostable packaging is only incrementally beneficial if it is ending up in landfill. Therefore, Pak360 offers innovative and smart solutions in which this compostable packaging can be collected and placed into organics collection bins.


In order to minimise contamination entering organics waste streams, Pak360 have developed specific collection points which enable only certain types of compostable packaging to be returned by customers. These collection points have proven to dramatically reduce the amounts of contamination and reduce the efforts required by in-store staff to ensure the stream is of an organic nature.


Case Study - Caltex The Foodary

Pak360 recently tested and trialled Pak360 coffee cups and Pak360 coffee cup collection points in two Caltex operated The Foodary stores in both Victoria and New South Wales.

Due to these stores being in the petroleum-retail convenience sector, the nature of the locations is fast paced with convenience being the top priority for customers. These types of locations attract primarily male tradesmen’s, closely followed by white collar professionals on their way to work and locals from the surrounding businesses to the store.

A large majority of these customers are daily coffee drinkers and as a result of 200+ surveys to individual customers said that over 60% of customers would return their Pak360 coffee cup to store via the collection points if it was convenient for them. As a result, over a four month period over 5,000 coffee cups where kept from entering landfill.

Based on a one-year Pak360 program (Pak360 coffee cups, Pak360 coffee cup collection point and a organics collection service) across these two stores, removing this amount of organic waste from landfill is the equivalent to:*

  • Removing 93,443kg of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere
  • Equivalent to 23 years of power for an average household.
  • Equivalent to 808 tanks of petrol consumed (based on 50L tank).

At the heart of convenience; simple for customers to use and effectively displayed collection points are key to collect Pak360 coffee cups back and have them placed into the organics collection service bin.

*Please note: The above calculations are estimate calculations and the organic content will vary from site to site/day to day.