The Pak360 Benefit



The materials we use:

Pak360 only use Tree-Free materials to make our disposable takeaway cups.

There is an abundance of fibres left in the paddock after annual farming activities take place, and our team thought we must be able to value-add to this, instead of wasting it.

Using material such as Wheat Straw, Bamboo and Corn Starch we collect and use the renewable resources to make our products.

The benefits include;

  • Fibres are renewable annually (compared to trees which take at least 7-10 years be ready for harvest).
  • Fibre is left over from food production (e.g wheat straw is left over after the harvest of wheat).
  • By using this fibre in our products, we are using a resource that is currently underutilised and often burnt (to clean the surface for next years crop).
  • A cleaner and greener takeaway cup.

This makes our products 100% compostable:

By using only natural resources in our products, we can say - they are 100% compostable. No petro-based plastic (we use Corn Starch). 

Our takeaway cups are recyclable:

There is still debate around Australia (and the world) on the recyclability of takeaway cups. We are the first to say current takeaway cups are hard to recycle because of the liner (separation of the materials is hard).  Our current takeaway cups can be recycled where takeaway cups are accepted (certain locations)

In saying this, please keep an eye on this space - our team is working on a takeaway cup made from only one material (no liner) - this will allow our cup to be recycled anywhere in the world through traditional recycling systems.