Frequently Asked Questions


Orders are currently sent from our Melbourne warehouse, therefore Melbourne is same day (if ordered before 11.00am). Canberra, Sydney & Brisbane (and regional) are next day delivery (if ordered before 11.00am). Please stay tuned – our Canberra, Sydney & Brisbane warehouses will be stocking product soon.

Yes, we understand purchasing through your local distributor is the simplest way to order product. Please contact us for our current list of distributors or pass on our details!

More than happy for your business to set up a credit account with Pak360. Please contact us and we will send credit application form. Our payments terms (in most cases) are 14 days.

Certainly – please fill out the form on our contact page & list the products your are interested in.

Pak360 offers all aspects of design for our takeaway packaging products. From simple logo placement to more complex design work. We offer an in house graphic designer to complete the most difficult tasks. We have a low MOQ for takeaway cups (10,000 per size) and can offer nationwide storage and distribution. Timeframe for supply is 6-10 weeks. Please contact us for a no-obligation quote on custom takeaway packaging.


Polylactic Acid (PLA) is what we use to replace traditional plastics on certain products. For example our takeaway cups are lined with PLA, which is compostable in commercial conditions. PLA also has many upstream benefits including the use of renewable materials and requiring less energy to manufacture.

Pak360 only use rapidly renewable materials to manufacture out products. Unfortunately tree fibres aren’t in the category. Instead, we use materials that are left over after food production or grown for the purpose (these include – straw, bamboo, corn starch and sugar cane bagasse).  

We source materials and manufacture our products in Asia. Our partners have been audited and all meet strict international standards. 

Disposal Options

Landfill is designed to be a waste storage vessel. Compostable packaging will not break down in landfill. Although unlike traditional packaging products, petro-based plastics will not leach into the surrounding soils.

It is well known that contaminated food / drink packaging should not go into the recycle bin, as the leftover food / grease can cause contamination. Traditional and compostable takeaway cups are an unknown in the current recycling systems. It varies in each state and region.  We recommend if no compost bin is available that used packaging is disposed in the general landfill bin.

Pak360 provide an organics collection service to collect compostable packaging, coffee grounds and food waste. We provide in-store collection points to make it easy and convenient for your customers to drop there packaging back at store. In a cafe setting, we have takeaway cup return rates of up to 50%. 

With the diversion of organic waste, the need for a general landfill bin is greatly reduced. To keep this simple, Pak360 take care of all your waste streams (landfill, recycling and organics). This reduces overall cost and keeps your account simple and straightforward.