Join our Compost Collection service and easily divert your organic waste from landfill

Our compost service is simple. We provide your business venue or event with bins to fill be food waste, coffee grounds and compostable packaging. We collect on a agreed schedule that suits your business.

We also offer bulk collection and product destruction from food manufacturing and food storage companies.

Pak360 Compost Collection is available Australia wide.

Separate your Organics

We provide your business with a compost specific wheelie bin. All food waste, coffee grounds and Pak360 packaging can be placed in this bin.

Collection Occurs

After your new bins have been delivered, collection will start on the agreed day and schedule. Collection schedules can be changed if your volume increases or decreases.

Turned into Compost

After you organic waste is collected by our trucks, we then deliver this to one of our partner sites to be turned in electricity or compost.

Everything is Diverted from Landfill

Through out compost collection service everything is diverted from landfill. This reduces your reliance on general waste and reduces your carbon footprint. For more information, see our FAQ's below.

How It Works

Where Does Your Waste Go?

Anaerobic Digestion

Microbes turn your waste into electricity

In-Vessel Compost

Waste is converted to compost for farms

Black Solider Fly

Waste is consumed by maggots

PHA Production

Food waste is converted into new packaging products. Coming soon.

  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Meat & Bones
  • Coffee Grinds & Tea Leaves
  • Dairy, Bread, Pasta & Flour
  • All Food Scraps
  • All Pak360 Packaging
  • Plastic (Including Plastic Garbage Bags)
  • Liquids (Including Cooking Oil)
  • Paper, Cardboard & Newspaper
  • Wood & Green Waste (Including Flowers, Sticks & Leaves)
  • Metals
  • Biodegradable or Degradable Products (Including Oxo-Biodegradable)

Each and every Pak360 product is compostable via our compost collection service. We don’t offer any products that are made from plastic or any non compostable products.

Changing your collection schedule is easy.

Email and our team will confirm your changes.

In some areas Pak360 operates and runs the compost collection service. In other areas we subcontract the service.

This allows us to provide our service in a wide range of areas.

If you have outgrown your bins onsite, extra bins can be added. Email and our team will confirm your changes.

Pak360 offer bulk collection from food manufacturing and food storage sites.

We can offer solutions to suit your onsite loading requirements.

Pak360 offer product destruction services that include removal of expired and faulty food products. Packaging is safely destroyed and the product recycled.


Questions and answers related to compost collection.