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24oz Sugarcane Takeaway Container (400)

SKU: 24ASCTR $73.54 + GST

In stock

32oz Sugarcane Takeaway Container (400)

SKU: 32ASCTR $87.34 + GST

In stock

Sugarcane Takeaway Lid – to Suit 24ASCTR & 32ASCTR (400)

SKU: 2432ASCTRL $65.49 + GST

Sugarcane Tray – Two Compartment (400)

SKU: 2CASCTR $101.14 + GST

Sugarcane Tray – Three Compartment (400)

SKU: 3CASCTR $101.14 + GST

Sugarcane Tray – Four Compartment (300)

SKU: 4CASCTR $99.99 + GST

Sugarcane Tray – Five Compartment (400)

SKU: 5CASCTR $147.14 + GST

Sugarcane Tray Lid – to Suit 4CASCTR (300)

SKU: 4CASCTL $68.94 + GST

Sugarcane Tray Lid – to Suit 5CASCTR (400)

SKU: 5CASCTL $96.54 + GST

Sugarcane Platter – Five Compartment (500)

SKU: 5CBSCTL $109.19 + GST

500ml Sugarcane Takeaway Tray (500)

SKU: 500BSCTR $65.94 + GST

In stock

650ml Takeaway Sugarcane Tray (500)

SKU: 650BSCTR $73.94 + GST

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Price Adjustment - 01/11/21

Due to a dramatic increase in international shipping costs, Pak360 will unfortunately be increasing pricing on a number of product categories on the 1st of November. Further information on shipping increases can be viewed here

Product categories included in this price increase can viewed here.

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