The Pak360 Team

Our team is our family - and that is because we are actually family!

The founding Pak360 team set out with the mission to "use wasted agricultural fibres to manufacture food packaging".

After success with our initial product launch our mission is to "create a better cup that is plastic free and made out of unused agricultural fibres, to ensure our products are recyclable through current collection systems anywhere in the world"

Cameron & Ashley both have an agricultural background, which is where our interest started in using wasted material from the farm. Spending time in capital cities as we grew up, we could see first hand the problem of takeaway packaging (from the overflowing bins!). Trees are literally being turned into takeaway cups and then thrown in the bin - then to landfill! It's a cycle that needs to change and we are the team making it so!


If you would like to ask any questions or reach out to our team, please use the contact details below.

Cameron Waters
+61408 449 369
WeChat : CameronPak360


Ashley Waters
+61421 140 875
WeChat : AshleyPak360