Takeaway cups made only from renewable resources

Coffee Drinkers

Pak360 need your help - as you throw away over 500 Billion takeaway cups every year (worldwide)! Do you think your regular Cafe should use our range of sustainable, renewable takeaway cups? Let us know here!

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You're a busy Cafe owner that needs sustainable, renewable takeaway cups that are cost effective & delivered quickly. Pak360 provide a disposable and reusable range to suit your needs. Need your own design? Easy!

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Large Chains / Corporates

Need to share our products through a large number of sites? Or need our team to present to your stakeholders about how Pak360 can help impress your customers? We are here to help you to attract new customers and exceed their expectations.

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Single Wall Takeaway Cups

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Double Wall Takeaway Cups

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The Next Gen Cup - It's Coming

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