About Pak360

Rapidly Renewable Materials

Pak360 use tree-free and petroleum plastic free materials to manufacturer our products. All materials are either left over after food production (e.g. wheat straw and sugarcane) or grown specifically for the purpose (e.g. bamboo). This means the products we sell are suitable for commercial composting (unless specified).

Organics Collection & Waste Services

When using compostable packaging it is important to have a waste service that can divert this organic waste from landfill. By combining used compostable packaging, coffee grounds and food waste Pak360 make it convenient and efficient to turn organic waste into compost or energy and fertiliser.

Custom Designs & Packaging

Want to customise Pak360 packaging with your logo and colour scheme? We can do that. We offer low minimum order quantities to ensure the cost of looking great is not a burden on your business.

Express Delivery

Need your compostable packaging quickly? On the east coast we offer express delivery. Order four or more cartons and free freight is included.

Customer Service

Want a company that you can rely on? The Pak360 team will please every step of the way - we guarantee you will be satisfied with out service.